This is a blog about farming, processing and selling industrial hemp in Australia.

I’ve spent a couple of months researching this amazing crop and have simply fallen in love with it!
Industrial hemp is becoming more known to the public, resulting in eco-friendly business solutions and interested farmers.

If you are interested in farming, processing, producing or selling industrial hemp in Australia, this information will give you a better understanding of what you are considering. These posts are written mostly from a farmer’s point of view, but are also interesting if you are considering producing or processing industrial hemp.

In my research, I spoke to the industrial hemp pioneers that are currently active in the market, to farmers and to the State and the Federal Government. I read papers from universities, blogs written by enthusiasts and read many different websites.

I want to underline that these words are mine, they are subjective and are meant to help you on your way in your own research.

I am open to questions and I will answer to the best of my ability. Please bear in mind that these posts are based on information I gathered in the past few months and could become less relevant as time goes by.

May all your projects succeed!

Warmest regards,